Born in Trinidad, West Indies, I immigrated to Canada with my family in 1965 at age 14. I received an undergraduate degree in fine arts from Concordia University and was accepted into the graduate program in 1976. I participated in the program for 2 years before moving to Toronto. In 1995 I made the decision to pursue another longtime passion, to study psychotherapy, and have been a practicing psychotherapist for the last 10 years. I feel that the intensive self - exploration which was a requirement in that training, and my actual work as a therapist, inspires and informs my work as an artist and has resulted in a renewed resolve and dedication to my art.


I paint because I love to! I want to capture a reality I see and which others can recognize. My work leans primarily towards the figurative. I often paint human interaction with the world; with nature; and ultimately with the observer. My interest, lately, has been with the water, the way it reflects and distorts, transforming all that is reflected or submerged in it by its movement - by its temper.

I often work from my own photographs. I have experienced, first hand, every place and person portrayed in my images and I strive to convey something of that experience to the observer through my paintings.

My goal and pleasure is to hold the viewer’s attention and to know that they are touched by something in my work. When I paint, I hope to capture the moment that holds an eternity.